Lenses are able to correct the disease when the difference between the refraction of the eyes is more than 2 diopters.

Less dangerous, but also less effective, are telescopic glasses to improve vision.
They are a system of lenses - collective and divergent.

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With the help of them, the images of Meloxicam objects on the retina are enlarged, thereby eliminating the problems associated with reduced vision. In difficult cases, when the correction of anisometropia does not work, doctors prescribe surgery to save vision. The operation is performed with a laser. They resort to surgical intervention in the most extreme cases, since these operations are very dangerous and are contraindicated for some.

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An important criterion for the appointment or refusal of surgery is the presence of corneal diseases. If any disease is present, the operation cannot be performed. After the operation, you must follow all the recommendations of the doctor: you will have to avoid strong physical exertion and concussions, otherwise your vision may fall.

There are special contact lenses for night correction (refractive therapy).

They are made of special gas-permeable materials that allow oxygen to pass to the cornea. Such lenses will be effective if the difference in refractive power is about 2 diopters. The most effective and safest methods of Meloxicam correction include glasses with telescopic lenses. Thanks to the lens system, they collect and scatter light rays. As a result, the images of objects are enlarged, and vision problems are eliminated.

Telescopic glasses are effective if the difference in the refractive power of the eyes does not exceed 2 diopters.

There is a general rule of tolerance for different corrective glasses for anisometropia. This rule was derived on the basis of Meloxicam clinical experience.It states: the difference in corrective glasses prescribed for patients with anisometropia should not exceed 2.5 D.

It should be noted that some subjects (more often children) tolerate corrective glasses with a greater difference, however, these cases are rare. Correction of anisometropia, therefore, requires an ophthalmologist to carefully consider the individual tolerance of corrective glasses and a mandatory check of binocular vision with glasses.

A child can wear such glasses, even if the difference is slightly larger, since the visual apparatus of younger patients does not change yet.

There are many different options for choosing glasses for anisometropia. They can be summarized in the following basic principles.
Given the tolerability, it is necessary to strive for complete correction of Mobic errors in both eyes.
In the case of an average degree of anisometropia, with sufficient visual acuity, it is necessary to find some average correction that is well tolerated binocularly and gives a sufficiently high visual acuity.
If one corrected eye has a visual acuity of 1.0, and the other eye is amblyopic and even with a complete correction has a visual acuity of less than 0.5, full correction should be given to that eye with a visual acuity of 1.0.

In recent years, for the complete correction of high-grade anisometropia, contact lenses have been used, which make it possible to tolerate a large difference in the refractive power of both glasses and preserve binocular vision.

One type of Meloxicam anisometropia is monocular aphakia with good visual acuity in the other eye.

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The degree of anisometropia in this case is about 10.0 D Unilateral aphakia is corrected with contact lenses.

Correction of unilateral aphakia with the help of ordinary spectacle glasses leads only to monocular vision.

Meloxicam intervention for anisometropia is an extreme method, since any surgical intervention is very dangerous, and in some cases even prohibited! One of these contraindications are diseases of the cornea.

In the postoperative period, you must follow the recommendations of doctors.

Surgical method of treatment.

Physical activity and concussions are strictly prohibited, as this threatens to reduce vision.

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They arise due to the fact that the diopter difference between both eyes is very large, of the order of three diopters and above. This makes it difficult to wear glasses and lenses. Therefore, it is better to immediately make a correction with the help of Mobic equipment - a laser. At the moment, this method is the simplest and most humane in the treatment of anisometropia in childhood.

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When contacting the clinic, treatment begins with a competent selection of contact lenses or glasses with corrective capabilities. But this method has one serious drawback, which is discomfort.

The biggest plus of this treatment is that laser correction of anisometropia is absolutely painless, and the period of active restoration of visual functionality usually takes only 14 days.